A wolf returns


On Friday 1 December we will release a brand new version of fan-favourite 'The Wolf', which was recorded in the summer of 2017. Alongside this will be a B-side called 'Everything Spins', which is a new song written by Laura and Jack. We have put some time in the diary over Christmas to write some fuzzy new filth and the plan is to get that into your ears in 2018. 

If you haven't noticed already the shift to TASKRZ is happening at a pace, if you use Spotify then make sure you'll following us under our new name: 



Last gig of the year - let's do something completely different

We find ourselves looking at the last TASKRZ gig of 2017. Tuesday evening at The Glebe in Stoke playing for Annie's Choose Days event.

We have a big love affair with the Glebe. As TASKRZ we have played there 10 times, 8 of those being for Annie's great weekly event. In our other band Don't Call Me Ishmael we have played in 4 times. You could say we are truly seasoned veterans.

Sadly for our last gig of 2017 the wonderful Laura Ellement (Violin and Vocals) and powerhouse Rob Haubus (Bass and Vocals) aren't free. To remedy this we've decided to rope-in Ishmael pianist, viola player, guitar whiz, Bazouki bombast Mr. Matthew Plant. The guy literally plays every instrument and is going to create a very unique final show for the year. If you're free then come down, there's no door charge and support will take the shape of Emily Jones.  

Two new TASKRZ tracks released


The last wholly original piece we put out was Wolf Party over a year ago. We're very different people to who we were then, so it was high time some new music landed. 

Heart that Bleeds and Baby Keep Walking (feat Nixon Tate) are pounding summer tunes. Download them by going to our Bandcamp page and let us know what you think. They will also be on all streaming sites. 



TASKRZ release Chris Cornell tribute


Yesterday we released a tribute to one of our idols; Chris Cornell. A lot of very honest and powerful statements have been made by his friends and family since his sad passing earlier this year. Their loss is harrowing.  

We wanted to do something, to acknowledge a man who has had a huge impact on who we are and the art we make. In tribute we have covered the track Seasons, taken from the Singles soundtrack.

It's completely free to listen to or download via this link: https://tinyurl.com/y8uab6ux