Five Bank Holiday Bangers - a DROMA selection

Here's five DROMA tracks to get you pumped for the long weekend. If you enjoy them, let us hear about it!

1. Matt Toner - Worse Things Have Happened

Part of the first wave of DROMA material. Matt worked with us back in 2013 to do a cracking EP of five total zingers. I can’t pick a best one, but I am moved to tears every single time by this amazing track. Want to see him live? He’s at The Glebe supporting TASKRZ on Tuesday 29 May 2018.

2. The Greek Life - TMC

TMC recorded four tracks with us in 2017 and I think this is my favourite. Captured by Wolf Party engineer Will James using the DROMA gear, then given the usual UTC love. I think it’s one of the best pop songs I’ve ever heard. So tight, so powerful and with a KILLER chorus.

3. Pistol Whipped - The King’s Pistol

One of the most successful releases by DROMA was this EP. Three really great tunes by the Pistol lads. This is the EP opener and a fine track to start your bank holiday, drink in hand of course.

4. The Nicest Day I Can Remember - Futurewife

The single-most listened to track put out by DROMA. Solid beats and soaring vocals. If you haven’t listened to the full EP then this bank holiday weekend is your chance to. You won’t regret it.

5. The King and Queen of America - DCMI

I don’t even care if it’s raining, when you head out tonight I want the windows of your car down and this blasting out at full volume. Slap this on the plate with some mash, banger. 

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Check out the Futurewife BBC Session!


FUTUREWIFE was kindly asked to play a BBC Introducing session in early May and now it's been aired. We're really thankful to Rob Adcock for sorting this out for us and for taking a real interest in what the project is all about.

Sophie spoke to Rob about the process of making the record and the emotional ups and downs that it represents. It's a great little interview that really captures what the Nicest Day EP is all about. In terms of performing I actually had stuff to do, as opposed to pretending to play the keyboard (which is what I was hoping to do.)  

You can listen to the interview for a week or so on the BBC Website.

Jack x

Back at The Glebe with a special guest

TASKRZ Main.jpg

At the end of this month (Tuesday 29 May) we're back at one of our favourite venues to play - The Glebe in Stoke. We're even more excited to announce that we're being support by Matt Toner, who was one of the first people to ever DROMA'd. Have a listen to the EP we did with him: Latin Brutality.

We've set up a Facebook Event if you want to join it and let us know you'll be coming down.  

Stay weird,