Swapping eggs for eggs #1

The Taskers have always tried to do things differently, approach the notion of being a band in a different way. It's because we're family, close friends - hell, lovers! Sometimes though you have to accept that the tried and tested methods work. 

In short, a blog is probably a good idea. 

The golden aim is weekly posts letting you know how the band is getting along, what shows are coming up, what side projects individual members are up to and what to expect from the future. 52 posts a year shouldn't be a bad thing - I'm sure we can do that. They might spark some interaction, some disgust, some intrigue. We'll see. More than anything we'd just like to see more life, fun and traffic on the site. 

Let's see how this goes.

FRIDAY 13th - The Victoria, 48 John Bright St, Birmingham, B1 1BN - Onstage at around 8:30


Jack xx