Making the seventh record

We spent this weekend recording some new material and ideas that will form the spine of next year's album. The Japanese disco theme that we've discussed with people is still present, but another, grungier, Weezer influenced beast has reared its head. 

This is the first album where everyone is throwing material into the pot and coming up with ideas. It's such a different process to the method of the last six albums, which was for me to write the majority of it and then get SBT to act as an editor and fine tuner. I am still trying to get my head around how it works now we're a five piece, but I'm incredibly excited by it - and if this weekend's set of demos are anything to go by then I think you will be too.  

Rennie wrote a beautiful song called 'The Wolf', which is pure Blue Album Weezer if ever I heard it. Laura's got a country infused tune called 'Misery and Me'. SBT worked her magic on our ideas getting them into a fit fighting shape and Pickwell reminded us to not forget our riff based roots. 

At the moment we don't have a set date for releasing 2016's Tasker treat, but I'm certain once the Christmas period is over we'll be able to release some concrete plans for the next album. 

Jack x