We're coming undone

Album seven is just around the corner now. It's going to be bold, brash and beautiful. Something so different to what we've done up until now. I love recording more than the rest of the band, certainly more than SBT (who hates it), it's my favourite part doing music. The build up to laying tracks down, the technological puzzles you have to solve, the tiredness and drama, it's a creative process like no other. 

True there are the endless periods of waiting around and trying to be quiet when other people are doing their takes, but I quite enjoy that as well. SBT is shaking her head no doubt. 

We recently decamped to a shed in York to lay down some very rough demos of the material that's in the bag for album seven. Two days in a shack without central heating or proper radiators - it certainly shaped the feel of the record. 

What can you expect from album seven?

People have probably heard some of the new tracks at the last few gigs we've played. Lots of stuff about misery and wolves. Yes, album seven is aiming to be dark, not in a maudlin or faux-gothic way, but a genuine exploration of sadness, longing and loneliness. 

We never said this would be easy. 

Jack x