Bye bye 2018!

Photo by John Macleod

Photo by John Macleod

Last night we played our final gig of 2018 to a packed out Artisan Tap in Stoke. We love the Tap, it’s got amazing beer, great vibes and the people who go are interested in hearing new, original live music.

This year we’ve released three out of the four releases in our retrospective project, the first one The Wolf came out at the tail end of 2017. To me these four re-releases were almost a Five Years of Fuzz Part II and draw to a close a two year goal of mine to bring some of our earlier tracks back to the forefront with updated recordings. I am a sucker for recording so would gladly sit there all day re-recording old tracks.

We’ve also released two new tracks in the shape of pop banger ALLO and riff monster Graveyard Song.

Outside of TASKRZ we’ve worked with loads of artists on releases and DROMA projects, we even did a podcast.

What does 2019 hold for us? Well the truth is not a massive amount at the moment. The first quarter of 2019 is pretty much (save for a few gigs) dedicated to the launch of Don’t Call Me Ishmael’s third album and then Sophie is planning to go travelling for a bit. I’d like to believe we’ll release another new track before she goes away, but it’s all about time. There’s a nice air of ‘no pressure’ - just mates making music and having fun.

Thank you to our families for supporting us as always and thank you to everyone who has come to gigs this year.


Jack (on behalf of TASKRZ)

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