Futurewife on the radio and new TASKRZ tunes


I think you all know now that SBT has been working hard on a project called FUTUREWIFE. It's a short electro EP that stalks its way through some seriously heavy topics, whilst keeping it cool with 80s tinged synths and gorgeous harmonies.

On Saturday she appeared on Rob Adcock's BBC Introducing Show. You can listen to the show by following this link. She's on about an hour and a half into it. You need a BBC account these days - so if you don't have one you'll need to sign up for free. 

The EP 'Nicest Day' gets released this week, on Valentines Day. If you want to pre order it follow this link. You'll get the title track as a download straight away if you do.  

What else did we do this weekend? 

Well JT and SBT took a few hours out to record the scratch tracks for some new TASKRZ material.

The new stuff sounds fantastic. One is really poppy and echoes early era Strokes, whilst the other is just pure dirt - proper TAD style sludge. There's no real time line on when the new stuff will see the light of day. Maybe the summer time? Maybe a bit later? We keep saying we'll do an album this year, but Wolf Party nearly killed us and we quite like being alive. 

In the meantime enjoy our re released version of Hogs From Hell and prepare yourself for our new version of Trials that comes out next month.

Saturday night the three of us played a nice little acoustic gig for a private party. It was fun, although I'm worried we might have burst a little girl's ear drum...she didn't seem too happy with us. Laura was ill and described the whole gig experience as being 'underwater'.

Big love, bigger vibes,