Pleasure Point re-released April 27 - but the b-side is out now!


In the last of our re-releases we are giving a little look to that stone-cold beast of a riff Pleasure Point. Named after a bit of beach in America renowned for surfing the song references many of the weird and historic events that have taken place there. I wouldn't spend too long trying to decode it, after all this is JT's loose metaphorical writing - just go with it. The track will be re-released on Friday 27 April, but you can pre-order it now.

In sweet link into the surfing theme of the main tune we have re-recorded our surf anthem Leroy as a b-side - it was last heard on 2013's No Sh*t, Just Shoes. Since it's Friday and we are madly in love with you all, you can listen to it now on the DROMA Bandcamp page. You don't have to pre-order Pleasure Point to hear it, but come on, it's £1.50...just do it. 

Stay weird,