JT on Brum Radio to play some songs


I’m going to be appearing on Brum Radio on Wednesday 30 Jan from 19:00 - 20:00 to play some tracks from my recent 52 Reasons recording project and I’ll play a Don’t Call Me Ishmael track in light of our upcoming third album.

The show is Shebeats Meets. There’ll be some tunes and waffle. I’m excited for it. You can listen online using the link below.

Brum Radio - https://www.brumradio.com/

JT x

ALLO released today

ALLO Master.jpeg

ALLO is our latest single. It's such a fast paced Strokesy little number. We really hope you enjoy it. Sophie wrote it a few months ago and we've been itching to get it out since then.

The name, how do you say it? Hard 'A' and then 'Low'. A-LLO. Contrary to popular opinion it is not a northern abbreviation of ‘hello’ or a nod to 1980’s comedy ‘Allo, Allo.’ The prefix allo is from Ancient Greek and roughly translates to "other". To be honest though, it was mostly picked because it sounded very cool. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or use the DROMA link.

Give it a whiz and let us know what you think. 

Stay weird,

Pleasure Point and Leroy released today


Summer's here so you need some beach anthems, luckily we have two surf infused bangers to slap into your playlists. 

Pleasure Point was first released in 2014 on the album of the same name. This new versions features some of the quirks that have developed in the live version over the last few years; including falsetto vocals from JT and some jazzy chords in the interludes. 

Leroy written for the King of Yorkshire surf himself. This is Beach Boys on steroids, mega riffs and lush harmonies. 

Both can be purchased for a laughable £1.50 from DROMA. If you'd rather stream them get onto Apple Music, Spotify etc and add them to your playlists.