A note from the chief - JT Blog #1


The last track in our re-release project, Pleasure Point, comes out on Friday, complete with a dramatic re-working of out surf-anthem Leroy. Head over to the DROMA Bandcamp page to listen to Leroy and pre-order the single.

Thanks to everyone who has supported, shared and cared about the re-release project we've embarked on. For me it was plain and simple why we had to do; many of these songs have changed dramatically over the years and the album versions just didn't reflect what we were doing with them live. I think maybe Pleasure Point is the one with the least change in it, although you have to remember Laura wasn't on the original version of that. However, the re-worked b-side Leroy is just mega, so more than makes up for it. 

What about new stuff? Well we have two solid tunes half way through the recording process and then a further three or four ideas in the song bucket. I've said in a lot of the blog or radio interviews that we've done lately the idea of doing another full length TASKRZ album anytime soon is just something I'm terrified by. Wolf Party just about obliterated us mentally, I think we'd rather do EPs, singles and smaller releases for now. 

Get onto that PP re-release! Enjoy. 

JT x

Trials is out now!


Trials is a beast. A bone fide, mega riff, massive chorus, epic bridge beast. We've re-recorded it with the new line up, roped in some mates to chant on the 'uh' section (you know it!) and then let UTC do their magic. 

You can listen via the player below, download it from our store, stream it on Spotify (other streamers have it as well) or buy it from our Bandcamp page

Please enjoy it, share it far and wide! 

Trials re-released on Friday


This week we're going to re-release one of our biggest tunes, Trials. It first found its home on Pleasure Point, the our sixth album and has been a staple of pretty much every gig since. It's huge, anthemic and got some real heart to it. 

On Friday 9 March the track will be released on all streaming services and the DROMA Records bandcamp. Make sure you listen and enjoy.

TASKRZ to re-release Trials in March


Part of this whole Z switch has meant that we've taken down a huge amount of our back catalogue, but some songs are too good to let rest. 

Trials is a banger. That's a fact. So it needs to be out in the public domain. We're going to be re-releasing it on Friday 9 March.

The re-recorded version is a little faster than the 2015 incarnation and features a choir during the famous 'huh' bit in the bridge. We hope you're as excited as we are. 

Big love, 


Futurewife debut released - listen now!


For over a year SBT has been working away on this project, with help from JT and UTC, Stoke.

The four track debut E.P comes in at just under 10 minutes and is a collision of silky 80's synths, agitated beats and gorgeous harmonies. SBT's documented the story behind the EP on Futurewife's Instagram page, it's worth a read whilst you check the tunes out. 

Listen on Spotify via this link.

Listen and then buy it on Bandcamp via this link.

Enjoy! TASKRZ news next week.