Bye bye 2018!

Photo by John Macleod

Photo by John Macleod

Last night we played our final gig of 2018 to a packed out Artisan Tap in Stoke. We love the Tap, it’s got amazing beer, great vibes and the people who go are interested in hearing new, original live music.

This year we’ve released three out of the four releases in our retrospective project, the first one The Wolf came out at the tail end of 2017. To me these four re-releases were almost a Five Years of Fuzz Part II and draw to a close a two year goal of mine to bring some of our earlier tracks back to the forefront with updated recordings. I am a sucker for recording so would gladly sit there all day re-recording old tracks.

We’ve also released two new tracks in the shape of pop banger ALLO and riff monster Graveyard Song.

Outside of TASKRZ we’ve worked with loads of artists on releases and DROMA projects, we even did a podcast.

What does 2019 hold for us? Well the truth is not a massive amount at the moment. The first quarter of 2019 is pretty much (save for a few gigs) dedicated to the launch of Don’t Call Me Ishmael’s third album and then Sophie is planning to go travelling for a bit. I’d like to believe we’ll release another new track before she goes away, but it’s all about time. There’s a nice air of ‘no pressure’ - just mates making music and having fun.

Thank you to our families for supporting us as always and thank you to everyone who has come to gigs this year.


Jack (on behalf of TASKRZ)

A note from the chief - JT Blog #1


The last track in our re-release project, Pleasure Point, comes out on Friday, complete with a dramatic re-working of out surf-anthem Leroy. Head over to the DROMA Bandcamp page to listen to Leroy and pre-order the single.

Thanks to everyone who has supported, shared and cared about the re-release project we've embarked on. For me it was plain and simple why we had to do; many of these songs have changed dramatically over the years and the album versions just didn't reflect what we were doing with them live. I think maybe Pleasure Point is the one with the least change in it, although you have to remember Laura wasn't on the original version of that. However, the re-worked b-side Leroy is just mega, so more than makes up for it. 

What about new stuff? Well we have two solid tunes half way through the recording process and then a further three or four ideas in the song bucket. I've said in a lot of the blog or radio interviews that we've done lately the idea of doing another full length TASKRZ album anytime soon is just something I'm terrified by. Wolf Party just about obliterated us mentally, I think we'd rather do EPs, singles and smaller releases for now. 

Get onto that PP re-release! Enjoy. 

JT x

Nuno knows a banger when he hears one - Up The Wolves!

Nuno knows a banger when he hears one.

We've had some mad things happen in this band, probably none more so than becoming the sound of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC at the end of the 2017/18 season. You can go and watch their highlights video set to our 2016 version of 'The Wolf'. It fits really nicely - go and watch it. 

If you haven't got a copy of the record then get the new and improved 2017 version with lead vocals from SBT from our DROMA store.

I suppose we should caveat this whole post by saying that the father of two of the band members and our mixing/mastering maestro Tom of UTC are HUGE Stoke fans, so we hope they'll still love us. 




Some of you may have seen we announced a little rest the other day. Quite dramatic for the band that has rarely stood still for four and a half years, but that's a big part of why we need a month or two to just breathe. 

I know I speak for the rest of the band when I say we're really grateful for the love and support people have shown Wolf Party. I mean come on, it's a helluva a record, but we've been bowled over by people's response.  

By the way a rest doesn't mean lying on a beach somewhere... currently JT, SBT and JRen are working on the latest Don't Call Me Ishmael album, JT and SBT finished the debut E.P by Chris Venebles (which'll be released soon) and of course there's Twerking Men's Club and all the other projects we get involved in. Long way of saying, we're still busting a gut on music. 

The next live show will be in Stafford at the Market Vaults on October 1. We've had to cancel or shift everything between now and then. We're thankful to the people who have accommodated that.

Finally we're going to be on Moorlands FM on Monday evening on the Quiet Revolution show hosted by our guide and friend Gary Wilcox. You can tune in at 7pm by clicking here.  

Thanks for all the love,

JT - The Taskers