The return of Mr Bates!


Who is Mr Bates? He's a monster of rock. A purveyor of fine riffs. And a big part of the band's history. 

Anyone who has a vague idea of TASKRZ's history will know that the band formed when JT had a slot supporting Smith and Bates (a garage rock duo that we learnt a great deal from.) Instead of doing a solo slot JT asked SBT to back him..blah all know the story by now (If not, watch Taskersaurus.) 

In a frankly beautiful twist he is now working with us on some cool material that might raise its head on DROMA at some point. In honour of this we've got him opening proceedings at our gig at The Swan Inn, Stone on Thursday 5 April. It's a free entry gig and the music kicks of at 22:00. Say you're coming on the Facebook group.

See you there,