For Jason

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It's possible that Sophie and I have played at the Glebe more times than any other local artist. Certainly in the last five years, between DCMI, TASKRZ, TMC and Jack Rennie and The Nightmares, we have played around 20 shows at the pub. These have nearly all been for Annie's wonderful Choosedays shows. On and off stage artists praise her dedication to local music. However, this weekend is about honouring an equally vital part in the success of the Glebe gigs - Jason Keenan, who has sadly passed away. 

We don't claim to have known Jason on a deeply personal level, we always book Glebe gigs through Annie, but his kindness and interest at each gig was noticeable. The very fact he was happy to have loud, original live music on in his pub was a wonderful thing.

With all of this in mind we will be opening an All Dayer gig at the Glebe tomorrow to raise money for the Dougie Mac. We're on at 12.00 but bands will be carrying on until 20:00. If you're near Stoke please come down and enjoy the show, it's £5 on the door. For more information look at the event's Facebook page or call 01782 860 670

Back at The Glebe with a special guest

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At the end of this month (Tuesday 29 May) we're back at one of our favourite venues to play - The Glebe in Stoke. We're even more excited to announce that we're being support by Matt Toner, who was one of the first people to ever DROMA'd. Have a listen to the EP we did with him: Latin Brutality.

We've set up a Facebook Event if you want to join it and let us know you'll be coming down.  

Stay weird, 

Last gig of the year - let's do something completely different

We find ourselves looking at the last TASKRZ gig of 2017. Tuesday evening at The Glebe in Stoke playing for Annie's Choose Days event.

We have a big love affair with the Glebe. As TASKRZ we have played there 10 times, 8 of those being for Annie's great weekly event. In our other band Don't Call Me Ishmael we have played in 4 times. You could say we are truly seasoned veterans.

Sadly for our last gig of 2017 the wonderful Laura Ellement (Violin and Vocals) and powerhouse Rob Haubus (Bass and Vocals) aren't free. To remedy this we've decided to rope-in Ishmael pianist, viola player, guitar whiz, Bazouki bombast Mr. Matthew Plant. The guy literally plays every instrument and is going to create a very unique final show for the year. If you're free then come down, there's no door charge and support will take the shape of Emily Jones.