TASKRZ release Chris Cornell tribute


Yesterday we released a tribute to one of our idols; Chris Cornell. A lot of very honest and powerful statements have been made by his friends and family since his sad passing earlier this year. Their loss is harrowing.  

We wanted to do something, to acknowledge a man who has had a huge impact on who we are and the art we make. In tribute we have covered the track Seasons, taken from the Singles soundtrack.

It's completely free to listen to or download via this link: https://tinyurl.com/y8uab6ux 


We're five years old today

We're five today.

It's a bit of a mental concept to swallow. We've been recording, gigging, writing, singing, making friends, get stressed, dreaming for half a decade. To celebrate we're releasing a retrospective EP called 'Five Years of Fuzz' - it's got re-recorded versions of some of our old classics.

We've had some amazing highs, some shattering lows, but we wouldn't change a thing. We're incredibly thankful to all the musicians who have played with us over the years, especially Sarah Pickwell and Jack Rennie. We'd also like to say two massive thank you's, the first one to Gary Wilcox, for believing in the band, always supporting it and making us feel part of something bigger. Secondly, we'd like to say thanks to our families for always supporting our efforts (big shout out to Adrian - who has been to more Taskers gigs than the band.) 

Thank you to everyone who has come to a show, bought a CD and followed our journey. We've got lots of treats lined up over the coming weeks so stick with us.

Click here to read a review by the awesome REBEL and get hold of our retrospective EP 'Five Years of Fuzz.'

(Available on Spotify, iTunes and most streaming services)