New DROMA Podcast with MerryM'n

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Sophie and I have been working on a new DROMA project for a few months now. DROMACasts are going to be podcast-style interviews with creative, cool and hardworking people that we know or come across. The episodes will be free to listen to and download from our Bandcamp store, and if they take off then we'll upload them to Spotify and all the usual places you pick up your podcasts.

For Episode One we sat down with songwriter and local creative juggernaut MerryM'n. You can listen to it on our website, link below:

Jack x

Awesome venue, awesome gig.


Secure gig. Get tickets. Hawk tickets. Remind punters. Drive to show. Get stuck on M6. Play show. Drive home. Get stuck on M6. That's an all too familiar process for independant musicians (and the professionals as well, just on a greater scale.)

However, last night was the complete opposite. We played at The Artisan Tap, which is a beautiful little bar in Stoke; Beavertown on tap, chilled vibes and a great crowd. We played a slightly stripped down version of our 'rock' set, but then ended the night with an unplugged rendition of Mountains to the Sea in the middle of the crowd. It was such good fun and what gigging should be about. No pressure, engaged people and a venue that cares about the music being played.

We had support from Merrym'n, the rising start of Stoke-on-Trent and we recommend that you check out his work. The lad is playing a stadium soon, no jokes. 

As we drove away (we didn't get stuck on the M6 FYI) SBT said, 'That's what gigging should be about, a knees up, good fun.' 

She's goddamn right. 

We're back there in February as Don't Call Me Ishmael and we're hoping for similar scenes of mirth. 

Stay weird,