pleasure point

Pleasure Point and Leroy released today


Summer's here so you need some beach anthems, luckily we have two surf infused bangers to slap into your playlists. 

Pleasure Point was first released in 2014 on the album of the same name. This new versions features some of the quirks that have developed in the live version over the last few years; including falsetto vocals from JT and some jazzy chords in the interludes. 

Leroy written for the King of Yorkshire surf himself. This is Beach Boys on steroids, mega riffs and lush harmonies. 

Both can be purchased for a laughable £1.50 from DROMA. If you'd rather stream them get onto Apple Music, Spotify etc and add them to your playlists. 


A note from the chief - JT Blog #1


The last track in our re-release project, Pleasure Point, comes out on Friday, complete with a dramatic re-working of out surf-anthem Leroy. Head over to the DROMA Bandcamp page to listen to Leroy and pre-order the single.

Thanks to everyone who has supported, shared and cared about the re-release project we've embarked on. For me it was plain and simple why we had to do; many of these songs have changed dramatically over the years and the album versions just didn't reflect what we were doing with them live. I think maybe Pleasure Point is the one with the least change in it, although you have to remember Laura wasn't on the original version of that. However, the re-worked b-side Leroy is just mega, so more than makes up for it. 

What about new stuff? Well we have two solid tunes half way through the recording process and then a further three or four ideas in the song bucket. I've said in a lot of the blog or radio interviews that we've done lately the idea of doing another full length TASKRZ album anytime soon is just something I'm terrified by. Wolf Party just about obliterated us mentally, I think we'd rather do EPs, singles and smaller releases for now. 

Get onto that PP re-release! Enjoy. 

JT x

Pleasure Point re-released April 27 - but the b-side is out now!


In the last of our re-releases we are giving a little look to that stone-cold beast of a riff Pleasure Point. Named after a bit of beach in America renowned for surfing the song references many of the weird and historic events that have taken place there. I wouldn't spend too long trying to decode it, after all this is JT's loose metaphorical writing - just go with it. The track will be re-released on Friday 27 April, but you can pre-order it now.

In sweet link into the surfing theme of the main tune we have re-recorded our surf anthem Leroy as a b-side - it was last heard on 2013's No Sh*t, Just Shoes. Since it's Friday and we are madly in love with you all, you can listen to it now on the DROMA Bandcamp page. You don't have to pre-order Pleasure Point to hear it, but come on, it's £1.50...just do it. 

Stay weird,