Salty. Glebe. Tap: the end of 2018

Taskrz Three.jpg

Hope you’re all well.

We haven’t played live as TASKRZ since July - we’ve been so busy working on the latest Don’t Call Me Ishmael album. It’s going to be great to get back to it! Starting this Friday we have a short, sharp blast of shows before the end of 2018.

  • Friday 26 Oct - The Salty Dog, Northwich

  • Tuesday 30 Oct - The Glebe, Stoke

  • Thursday 22 Nov - The Artisan Tap, Stoke

After the Artisan Tap we don’t have anymore dates in our TASKRZ diary. We’re going to take a few months off to write some new songs, mess about with the key-bass set up and tour the third DCMI album. Please come along to any of the three TASKRZ shows if you can please.

Thanks so much,
Sophie, Laura and Jack x

ALLO released today

ALLO Master.jpeg

ALLO is our latest single. It's such a fast paced Strokesy little number. We really hope you enjoy it. Sophie wrote it a few months ago and we've been itching to get it out since then.

The name, how do you say it? Hard 'A' and then 'Low'. A-LLO. Contrary to popular opinion it is not a northern abbreviation of ‘hello’ or a nod to 1980’s comedy ‘Allo, Allo.’ The prefix allo is from Ancient Greek and roughly translates to "other". To be honest though, it was mostly picked because it sounded very cool. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or use the DROMA link.

Give it a whiz and let us know what you think. 

Stay weird,

For Jason

Glebe AllDayer.jpg

It's possible that Sophie and I have played at the Glebe more times than any other local artist. Certainly in the last five years, between DCMI, TASKRZ, TMC and Jack Rennie and The Nightmares, we have played around 20 shows at the pub. These have nearly all been for Annie's wonderful Choosedays shows. On and off stage artists praise her dedication to local music. However, this weekend is about honouring an equally vital part in the success of the Glebe gigs - Jason Keenan, who has sadly passed away. 

We don't claim to have known Jason on a deeply personal level, we always book Glebe gigs through Annie, but his kindness and interest at each gig was noticeable. The very fact he was happy to have loud, original live music on in his pub was a wonderful thing.

With all of this in mind we will be opening an All Dayer gig at the Glebe tomorrow to raise money for the Dougie Mac. We're on at 12.00 but bands will be carrying on until 20:00. If you're near Stoke please come down and enjoy the show, it's £5 on the door. For more information look at the event's Facebook page or call 01782 860 670