JT solo track 'Roger Deakin' out 5 July

RD Small .jpeg

On Friday July 5 2019 I’m going to be releasing my first solo track. It’s called Roger Deakin and is written about the writer, swimmer and activist. Before I jump into why I am releasing a song about him there are three quick points to make.

Firstly, it’s not really a solo track as such. It features Laura Ellement singing on the choruses and Tom Downes drumming, both play in Don’t Call Me Ishmael and TASKRZ. Secondly, it has already been released in a very rough demo form for 2018’s 52 Reasons project. However, this version sounds so much better than that one, it’s basically a new song. Thirdly, why do a solo track anyway? I wasn’t convinced of doing something solo myself and was all set to release this as a TASKRZ track sans-Sophie, but she convinced me that it was different enough in style to warrant a solo release. 

I first came across Roger Deakin when I was 19, I read his book Wildwood and was captivated by his writing style and love of the natural world. A few years later I read Waterlog and completely mesmerised by the narrative of Roger traipsing around the UK, swimming in the wild waters and meeting a whole host of interesting aquatic characters. 

I really hope you like the song. It will only be a digital release, found on streaming services and the DROMA Bandcamp. I’m planning to do some more solo stuff throughout 2019. There are four or five ideas that are ready to be mixed, then there are another six ideas that could be worked up quickly. We’ll see - I’m in no great rush to put solo stuff out and there’s DCMI songs on the horizon. The song was mixed and mastered by the gifted Tom Bath at UTC Studios in Stoke. 

Jack x

Salty. Glebe. Tap: the end of 2018

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Hope you’re all well.

We haven’t played live as TASKRZ since July - we’ve been so busy working on the latest Don’t Call Me Ishmael album. It’s going to be great to get back to it! Starting this Friday we have a short, sharp blast of shows before the end of 2018.

  • Friday 26 Oct - The Salty Dog, Northwich

  • Tuesday 30 Oct - The Glebe, Stoke

  • Thursday 22 Nov - The Artisan Tap, Stoke

After the Artisan Tap we don’t have anymore dates in our TASKRZ diary. We’re going to take a few months off to write some new songs, mess about with the key-bass set up and tour the third DCMI album. Please come along to any of the three TASKRZ shows if you can please.

Thanks so much,
Sophie, Laura and Jack x

ALLO released today

ALLO Master.jpeg

ALLO is our latest single. It's such a fast paced Strokesy little number. We really hope you enjoy it. Sophie wrote it a few months ago and we've been itching to get it out since then.

The name, how do you say it? Hard 'A' and then 'Low'. A-LLO. Contrary to popular opinion it is not a northern abbreviation of ‘hello’ or a nod to 1980’s comedy ‘Allo, Allo.’ The prefix allo is from Ancient Greek and roughly translates to "other". To be honest though, it was mostly picked because it sounded very cool. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or use the DROMA link.

Give it a whiz and let us know what you think. 

Stay weird,